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Heir v2: Diamond Series by GKi
Heir v2: Diamond Series by GKi
Heir v2: Diamond Series by GKi
Heir v2: Diamond Series by GKi
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Heir v2: Diamond Series by GKi

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💎Heir v2: Diamond Series by GKi 💎

We have made a few improvements and addition to the 1st batch of the Heir v2. We went for the no markings look to keep the lines and details clean.

The details for the improvements and additions are as follows below:

1. We put a locking notch on the deck so cap wont spin out of position.

2. We changed the AF hole in the bottom of the positive pin from a x2 1.5x4mm to a x6 1.1mm holes so it will have a smoother draw. (Can be fitted in the batch1)

3. We added a 2.5mm and 0.8mm air pins as i have received several request already. We listen to you guys, we always do. (Can be fitted in the batch1)

4. Made the topcap/chimney 2piece with oring from 3piece without oring. (Cannot be fitted in the batch1 deck)

5. Put a cutout on the clamp to easily cut the lead wires flush.

6. Switched to 316SS from 304SS.

7. New cap/chimney design.

Airflow options are as follows:
4mm bottom Positive Airflow(pre installed)
3.5mm bottom Positive Airflow (spare bag)

~ Air pins (will screw on the 3.5mm positive Airflow)
3mm Air pin
2.5mm Air pin
1.4mm Air pin
1.2mm Air pin
1.0mm Air pin
0.8mm Air pin

Color and material options for cap and chimney are as follows:
~ Stainless Steel
~ Black Stainless Steel
~ Blue Anodized Aluminum
~ Black Anodized Aluminum
~ Purple Anodized Aluminum

All decks will be 316 Stainless Steel with peek insulators.

x1 Heir v2 Diamond Series RBA
x1 4mm Bottom Positive AF (pre installed)
x1 3.5mm Bottom Positive AF
x1 3mm AF pin
x1 2.5mm AF pin
x1 1.4mm AF pin (MTL)
x1 1.2mm AF pin (MTL)
x1 1.0mm AF pin (MTL)
x1 0.8mm AF pin (MTL)
x1 Spare bag (O-rings and screws)




🎆 Heir V2 Wicking 🎆
Dry burn coil & wait to cool
Cut cotton & pull through the coil
Fluff the cotton
Put the barrel on
Cut the cotton flush to the outside of the barrel
Fluff the cotton in the wicking holes with tweezers
Add about 10 drops of liquid to the coil
Put the top cap on & put the rba into a boro
Fill with liquid
Enjoy 🙂
Super simple and quick 😌

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Russell

First, let me say the Heir V2 Diamond Series is really good. Game changer? No. Will it alter your perception of existence? No. What it is, is a familiar design in the boro RBA world that learned some things from the bridges before it (I’m looking at you Mobb Mini). The wicking is not quite as straightforward or simple as the instructions suggest, as it will dry-hit depending on coil ID and cotton style/size. What it does is vape in the upper tier of much more expensive bridges, while keeping it simple, affordable and stylish in any tank/mod combo. It just works. Get one!


Absolutely worth it. Fantastic revision. Inexpensive and simplistic. Flavor easy 7.5-8 / 10
Easy to work with and wicking ports have been slightly enlarged and this bad boy has absolutely no problems keeping up. 3mm ID 4 *29/38 NI80 4 1/2 warps. Chugging along 44+ watts, it will & can empty a tank in about 12-20 hits. No dry hit no nothing fill it back up and it’s ready to go again. Not advising that part just for testing purposes😅😉 for what it’s worth, as someone Who can name the bridges I haven’t tried faster than the ones I have( it’s worth the price of admission) downside is it made me realize a lot of the others are not… or should I say verified🧐🤔✅

Jeffrey Huyck
An honest review

I purchased this RBA on a recommendation from a dear friend. I received it was was very happy with the build quality. When coming to building is where I had my struggle. The problem for me was getting the RBA to screw into any device I own. I have numerous mods from the run of the mill cheap to the very expensive custom. I was only able to find one regulated device that it would screw into. From what I can tell one of two things were the culprit and that is the threads on the body itself need to be a few thousands longer or the airflow pin needs to be a few thousands shorter. I might have said it could've been a issue with just this one but I own three different Heirs just differing in color. If it were just one I could say a flaw in this one but all three do the same. Upon finding the one mod they would screw into the build and wicking was very simple and once assembling everything the flavor ranks up there with the best on the market! If this issue was addressed or fixed it would be a 5 star review.