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LYKAN - Zombie - Setup - Straight Fire Vaporium

LYKAN - Zombie - Setup

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The "LYCAN" is the most advanced species of Wolves in mythical legends. Hidden under an elegant and luxurious mask, the Lycan can transform at any given time should the need arise to show its power and leadership. Written with a "K", IMMORTAL MODZ  Lykan is an exceptional mod with an elegant yet agile look, able to transform at any given time into a beast, the most advanced of them all. With a hand-crafted body, the Lykan Mod has a timeless look and angular styling. Its Clip activated fire switch accentuates its lines, and the dynamic body sleeve completes the exclusive design.
20700 21700
154mm tall stacked 
84mm tall single
32.5mm body
30mm top hat 
27mm top hat 
interchangeable sleeves 
stack attachment 
Copper contacts 
Hybrid connection 
clip activated device 
clip also function's as a belt clip
safety switch on the bottom