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Taifun GT IV (Storm Edition) - Straight Fire Vaporium
Taifun GT IV (Storm Edition) - Straight Fire Vaporium
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Taifun GT IV (Storm Edition) - Straight Fire Vaporium

Taifun GT IV (Storm Edition)

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Taifun GT IV (GT4) 2019 RTA

The Taifun GT IV 2019 is now available with a "Storm" tank cover, introduced in 2019 as a slight revision to the incredible Taifun GT IV!

The Taifun GT4 is the fourth iteration in the Taifun GT series, bringing a number of enhancements unlike any Taifun GT RTA before! Now with a large build deck and significantly larger air flow, allowing for the installation of large complex wire builds, and capable of higher wattage vaping.

Juice flow control is now integrated into the base itself. Turning the top knurled ring against the base will adjust the juice flow aperture, and eliminates the need for proprietary keyed drip tips.

Note: Screwing the tank section too tight down on to the tank base will result in locking the juice flow control ring in place. Be sure to only screw on the tank section while the juice flow control ring is fully closed, and do not over tighten the tank on to the base. Leaving a bit of room will allow you to maintain the ability to rotate the juice flow control ring.

Air flow is easily adjusted by turning the air flow control ring at the base of the deck.

The build deck features SIX posts, allowing for a number of creative builds, from single to dual, to triple coil builds, horizontal coils, vertical coils, and more! Get creative!

Six air outlet ports direct air flow to strike the coil from underneath the coil at an angle from both sides of the coil, fully enveloping the coil in air, resulting in very flavourful vapour production.

Top cap easily removes for top filling. Be sure to fully close the juice flow control before filling, to prevent flooding the deck.

Taifun GT IV Specifications:

  • Diameter: 25mm at the base, 25.55mm at the widest point (knurled rings).
  • Height: 52mm (without drip tip and connection screw)
  • Liquid capacity: 5 mL
  • Food safe materials (1.4301 stainless steel and PEEK)
  • New air duct system via the poles in the chamber with adjustable AFC from the outside. Individual flow to the coil via one of the two, or both poles are possible.
  • Offers a somewhat restricted direct lung vape.
  • Multiple wire mounts (6 points of connection) to enable easy and versatile installation of coils. Optimized for single coil builds, but dual coil builds are possible.
  • Intuitive liquid control system, adjusted externally.
  • Top fill.

Note: The Taifun GT IV is not designed for use on pure hybrid mech mods. The 510 center pin is NOT adjustable, and should not be released for this purpose.

Taifun GT IV 2019 Package Contents

  • Taifun GT IV 2019 atomizer
  • Spare parts bag
  • 1.3mm hex key
  • Instruction manual



Installation tips and wicking tips from Patrick Jensen
1. Coil belly up, top of the coil totally flush with the top of the posts

2. Don’t thin your cotton out, wicks extremely well, almost too well.

3. Cut your cotton so maybe a quarter is blocked when looking through the juice flow

4. Once you place the cotton into the wells, gently move the cotton over to the rounded side of the well, rip off a little piece of fluffed out cotton and put it in that small empty space, not too tight. If you don’t do that step, the deck will flood.

5. The juice wells are shaped like a teardrop, so you’ll know what I’m talking about for step 4 when you see it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing rta!

By far the best rta I've ever owned the flavor is great the build quality is perfect everything about it is amazing

Dylan Benge
Great DL tank!

The gt IV is a great tank! A lot more airy than I was expecting from taifun, but building and wicking is a breeze and she rips like a champ! Flavor and crackle for days. If your into dl/rdl tanks, pull that trigger!
Straight fire shipping and service on point as always! Thanks guys