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Taifun GT V (GT5) RTA - Straight Fire Vaporium

Taifun GT V (GT5) RTA

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A robust "all day" rebuildable tank atomizer of the luxury class without compromises - the definition of high end MADE IN GERMANY.

With the new Taifun® GT V (GT5), the great journey of the legendary GT series enters the fifth generation. The name says it all: in terms of comfortable reliability in everyday life, robust and solid construction, with a "sporty" high-performance character, the Taifun® GT V is a worthy successor to its avant-garde predecessor - and therefore the ideal companion for all situations.

"Gran Turismo" has always been the guiding theme of the Taifun® GT series. Ease-of-use and intuitive operation are the focus, without having to sacrifice taste and performance. This is where the strengths of the new Taifun® GT V come into play, which consistently continues the pioneering approaches of the standard-setting reference atomizer as set by the Taifun GTIV In detail, the following improvements compared to the Taifun GTIV are as follows:

Improved Wire Traps and Simplified Deck Design

As first seen with the Taifun GTiV, the wire traps for the coil now features a relief cut-out to further secure your coil legs to prevent them from moving when tightening down the coil screws.

In addition, the coil post arrangement is now similar to the deck introduced with the Taifun BTD RDA, eliminating the 5th and 6th middle screw holes that were originally in the Taifun GT IV. This yields greater structural integrity of the overall pole design.


For DL / RDL Vapers

The Taifun® GT V is intended exclusively for use as a DL/RDL (direct to lung/restrictive direct to lung) vaping experience. Even if the adjustable air disk system and the adjustable AFC ring possibilities theoretically offer you the capability of being able to set it for a proper MTL air flow resistance, we expressly recommend that you do not purchase this atomizer for this purpose. Due to the large build deck, large chamber, and large liquid ports, the overall design is not ideal for MTL (mouth-to-lung) operation. In addition, the internal design of the evaporation chamber's bowl is designed for much larger and more powerful coils, which would result in insufficient saturation of vapour density from classic MTL coils, yielding low taste. Attempting to use the Taifun GT V as a MTL atomizer will result in sub-par performance compared to a dedicated MTL atomizer, and/or will require extensive rebuilding and modification knowledge to properly modify the chamber and port sizing to get a proper MTL vaping experience. In short, it is better to just get a MTL-specific atomizer such as the taifun gtr or gt oneif you are looking for a lower wattage output and/or restrictive airflow setup such as what those atomizers are designed to provide. 

Air Disks

Two 3x1.8mm Air Disks are included with the Taifun GT V and the device ships pre-installed with these. The Air Disks can be exchanged from below deck on the Taifun® GT V; to exchange the Air Disks, only the AFC ring has to be removed. Operation without Air Disks is also possible for maximum air flow, which will give the user an airflow a little bit looser than a taifun gtiv with the open draw pole installed. This configuration would allow for the maximum airflow and wattage capabilities of the Taifun GT V.

Taifun GT V Features & Specifications:

  • Single coil rebuildable atomizer
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Height (visible, without drip tip nor 510 connector): 46 mm
  • Easy Side Fill
  • Automatic liquid control
  • Tank Capacity / Volume: 6 mL
  • Airflow: Infinite variability air supply/intake external control via AFC (Air Flow Control) Ring in combination with swappable AirDisks to control airflow velocity striking directly at the coil
  • Two 3 x 1.8 mm AirDisks installed
  • Friction-fit 510 wide bore drip tip installed. Design eliminates o-rings for maximum airflow through the largest bore possible in the 510 size format. Included drip tip features a POM base/insert with a stainless steel sleeve so that externally the style matches in harmony with the Taifun GT V while minimizing heat transfer to the user's lips
  • Materials: Stainless steel 1.4301, PEEK, POM (Delrin), glass

Special Instructions

In order to be able to detach the tank from the base, the vaporizer must be set to the "vaping" position. The middle position of the top cap is not suitable to keep liquid from getting into the chamber in the long term. If the evaporator is not used for a longer period of time, it must be emptied completely to prevent leakage through the air supply. Also when assembling the tank, pay attention to the position of the top cap. The top cap can only be separated from the tank when the base is removed. To mount the inner tank ring, insert the top cap, turn it to the steam position and ideally tighten the screws in a "star" pattern to equalize tension distribution across the entire ring.

The Taifun® GT V has significantly larger liquid inlets than the GT IV. A sufficient amount of cotton must be completely in front of the opening. When filling, tilt the evaporator slightly backwards (seen from the bottle) to ensure adequate venting. Do not push the liquid into the tank too forcefully.

An NFC chip is attached to the underside of the packaging. You can scan this with any NFC-enabled device to access a product service portal specially designed for the vaporizer. Here you will find detailed winding instructions, helpful tutorials and accessories or spare parts for your vaporizer.

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x Taifun® GT V
  • 2 x Airdisks 3 x 1.8 mm (installed)
  • 1 x 510 Wide Bore DripTip, SS over POM (installed)
  • 1 x Set of replacement O-rings / coil screws
  • 1 x 1.3 mm Allen key
  • 1 x "Survival box" packaging with NFC chip for product service portal
  • 1 x Instructions for use

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Colleen Taylor
Taifun GTV

The flavor on this is amazing! This has quickly become a favorite with me. I’m not crazy about the fill whole but I can deal with it has some of the best flavor I have ever had in a RTA and I usually buy the good ones. Very easy to build!

Jim Martin
Taifun GT V RTA

Straight Fire Vaporium Rating of Taifun GT V RTA purchase
Excellent RTA. Quite an engineering and fabrication masterpiece. Takes some to get everything figured out and put into practice. But once you get that done, it's a pleasure to use and enjoy.
As far as the purchase from Straight Fire, it was fantastic in every way. They really know what they're doing. Prices, shipping costs and time frame, quality and variation of items sold and manner in which they deal with and take care of their online customers is first rate. They are my number 1 Vape Shop.
I say thanks for the great job done on my purchase to everyone at Straight Fire for the way my purchase was handle. I am looking forward to future dealings with you.
Sincere thanks and regards,
Jim Martin, retired

andrew valdoz
What an awesome rta

I love this freaking Rta, it's taken the place of both my gt4 and gt3. The airflow is perfect to me and I would have to say the flavor off this is much more saturated, much more dense and is Sharper. The mechanical functionality is amazing and I have yet to experience any flaws it the way the tank works and disembles. I like it because it doesn't get stuck together and the fill port really isn't that bad if you use the bottles everybody uses. It's awesome. I still haven't gotten over the rta which is pretty unusual considering I tend to experiment with different tanks