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The Strekoza by THE RUSSIAN - Straight Fire Vaporium

The Strekoza by THE RUSSIAN

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25-30mm Capability

Can be run with sleeve or without as a bare tube

Dual constant contact spring loaded switch

Copper internals


Stack section included (Includes ground magnet for stacking)

Made by CMII in the Phillipines

21700 mod with 18650 Adapters 

Unique floating battery mechanism to assure no venting and battery damage

Available in Brass, or copper with Ultem, White Delrin or Black Delrin Sleeves

Very first mod of it's own kind and made for an easy assembly from the case to the novice or advanced Vaper.

Russian approved 

Customer Reviews

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Terry Mccree
What's Not to Like

Ima say this now since I've received this mech i have not stop using stays in the rotation EVERY day. I love the innovation of it a floating battrie ? SOUNDS CRAZY right ? Well that's exactly what it does it floats and the name means dragonfly. HANDS DOWN ONE BIG SURPRISE FOR 2020 TO COME OUT !!