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Voltrove LE V2 30MM - Straight Fire Vaporium

Voltrove LE V2 30MM

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30v2 LE is a go! We've completely redesigned the 30v2 LE!

These will come with a two post deck in the tank and a postless deck in the box. :)

-Wide bore 810 drip tip
-Bigger and beefier two post deck.
-Pressure reflief system in the threaded top cap. No more seeping when you fill it.
-Juice flow above the AFC like the 35v2 LE.

Pricing reflects on included shipping in the US!

The BLACK BLEM IS A BLEM INSIDE THE ANODIZING. The blem is inside the chamber where the chimney threads in.. you will not see until you take apart the whole tank

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Greg Escalante

Great rta

Daniel Figueroa
Great service

Love this rta I now have 2 to mix and match parts

Matthew Wills
Sweet tiddies

These tanks are made in the halls of niflheim, grant ethereal powers upon each vape. My nips shoot flames now. Oh and get you some backwoodz coils if you want to slam like Thor.

Alan Brady
Voltrove le 30mm v2

Am waiting for coils...put in some aliens 3mm , great clouds no flavor, not sure if i am wicking properly . I have 30mm v3 that i use every day all day and pull cotton down through holes in deck...hoping new coils will do the trick

Wesley Spoehr
Voltrove 30v2LE

The best 30mm rta to date. Absolutely love it. 10/10