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The Anvil 1.5 [Re-design] - Straight Fire Vaporium
The Anvil 1.5 [Re-design] - Straight Fire Vaporium
The Anvil 1.5 [Re-design] - Straight Fire Vaporium
The Anvil 1.5 [Re-design] - Straight Fire Vaporium

The Anvil 1.5 [Re-design]

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Due to high demand, we present to you the Anvil 1.5 

In collaboration from The Machine and The Russian with design work from Deafly Blonde (Warren Hartman, Demitri Lazarev and Kaitlyn Ciampa)

"It was always a dream of mine to make something I could use and for others to enjoy" - The Machine

"And we get to make it happen again.. we are just people who love to vape"
-The Russian and Deafly Blonde

The Anvil has a back story of a hard working man who started with a rod of brass and milled out some threads. It came in inspiration to make something that is friendly for any mech user and for any competitor. After a year of proto-typing, and working out the logistics, the Anvil has become a reality and machined in the Philippines by CMII and his team (Gary Yanto).

This unique (re-designed) side fire bar that makes contact at the top with a delrin sleeve that threads into the bottom and top cap. Unique engraving on the 510 of the logo, engraving around the bottom of the mod. This is a very limited run of total of 50 mods. It is designed strictly for 20700/21700. The lack of voltage drop will definitely catch the end user by surprise.

The Changes:

-New and improved firing bar with a concave contact

-Ultem ring that allows you to turn it from having the mod fire

-Delrin sleeves instead of acrylic (less chance of breaking)

-New top diameter with ultem ring is now 29mm

All pictures are provided from the factory before the polishing and buffing just to give the end user and idea of what to expect

Specs of the Mod:

- 30mm delrin sleeve in the middle (Black for copper and white for brass)

- 28mm taper top and bottom (29mm with ultem ring on top)

- Unique re-designed side-fire bar

- Threaded battery cap on bottom (copper)

- Ultem ring to prevent atty swirl and to allow mod from firing

- Vent holes on top and bottom of the mod for ensured safety

- Hybrid connection to ensure the best current

- Height of the mod is just under a 60ML with your favorite atomizer on top



Package Contents:

- Plastic carrying case to hold the components

- Hand Signed COA by Warren Hartman

- The Anvil

- Set of Dragon coils v2 ohming out to .07-.08 at 3.5mm (Specifically made to be released with the anvil)

- Polishing cloth

- Hex Screw wrench

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Keef dawg
Third anvil. Second attempt. Deleted reviews. Can some one contact me then?

I got the correct black and copper mod today. Felton had a huge chunk taken out of it and I didn’t get my polishing my cloth. Can you please fix this? This one was black. But there is a huge scratch in the tube. Not even words for it. But my yellow polishing cloth was not in my package. Can someone just contact me to get me my cloth or whatever? This is a huge chunk tho in a seemingly inexpensive tube. Maybe my tube could be switched? We have already exchanged the white mod I got that wasn’t mine. This came today without the yellow polishing cloth. I’m kinda just assuming this isn’t a concern to anyone but myself.

Micah Morelock

This mech is a absolute power house!!! When I thought there could not be a way to improve the Anvil v1. They released the 1.5 and absolutely blew me away. Love this mech! Every aspect of this mod was meticulously gone over and the slightest improvements were made. Bravo to The Russian, The Machine and Deafly Blonde. You guys knocked it out of the ballpark with this mod.

Thomas Herring
Love it

One of the best if not the best. Will be purchasing another if available.

Keef dawg
Diamond in the rough

I’m glad I found this and I do my homework. This is a great mod. Well thought out and designed. The price point is nice too compared to the market out there. Very happy I took the chance on it. Nicer than my swordfish. Better firing bar. Definitely needs regular cleaning tho. Great package. Kudos to them for this nice little package. Wish I could get a black tube to change out the white for variety tho. Would be a nice extra to offer for purchase. Make money for the company and let’s us the users customize and have even more options to use the mod. Just an idea. The coils were great too. I’d love to be able to buy another set. If that’s ever possible email me. Obviously finding good coils is a thing for me.

Aaron Buracchio
Anvil 1.5

Badass! My new favorite mech. Paired with the Kong from QP. Straight fire! Sooo glad I purchased