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Taifun GX RDTA - Straight Fire Vaporium
Taifun GX RDTA - Straight Fire Vaporium
Taifun GX RDTA - Straight Fire Vaporium
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Taifun GX RDTA

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Taifun GX Specifications:

  • Diameter: 23mm.
  • Liquid Capacity: 4mL 
  • Height (4mL, including 510 connector): 45mm.
  • Tank Material: Borosilicate glass (clear).
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Interchangeable Air Flow Disks.
  • RDTA style, can be used with or without SS cables. Usage with the stainless steel braided cables are recommended for fastest wicking.
  • SS Feeder Cable Length: 23mm.
  • Two air disks included, each with three 1.8mm air holes for a total of six 1.8mm air holes.
  • Friction Fit SS/POM combination BTD style 510 Drip Tip included, for maximum air flow. No o-rings are used for this drip tip.


  • Taifun GX atomizer
  • Two air disks, each with three 1.8mm air holes
  • Two SS feeder cables
  • Supplement with replacement o-rings, screws, and allen key
  • Instruction manual

Taifun GX by SmokerStore

The Taifun GX is a rebuildable top deck atomizer featuring a flavour-focused interchangeable air flow system, easy-build coil winding deck, and SS liquid feeder cables to quickly deliver liquid to the deck down to every last drop in your tank!

Available in one of two sizes for different liquid capacity:

  • 2ml
  • 4mL


Multi-Function (MF) Ring

A multi-function (MF) ring is integrated in to the Taifun GX, allowing users to adjust the atomizer for various usage modes, and snaps into place with a satisfying click so the user has security in the mode it is set to. The modes available are:

DL Vaping Position

Air flow is fully open, and tank reservoir is fully open for ventilation. Ideal for DL vaping and higher VG e-liquids where fast liquid transport is required.


Transport Lock

Air flow is closed, and liquid flow is sealed. The tank is effectively sealed when in this mode, and is ideal for transporting the atomizer to prevent any liquid leakage.


Filling Position

In this position, the Taifun GX can be easily and quickly filled from the outside, without the need to remove the top cap. An alternative base with a larger fill hole will be available for separate purchase, and is ideal for maximum VG users.

MTL Vaping Position

In this mode, the air flow is open, but the ventilation to the e-liquid reservoir is closed. Liquid now exclusively travels along the SS feeder cables via capillary action, and reservoir air resupply is choked. This prevents over saturation of the cotton wick when using higher PG liquids, as negative pressure vacuum is higher in the chamber when vaping with more restricted air flow.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    andrew valdoz
    really fast service! got the product shipped within 24hours of ordering!

    let me start out with saying that i love taifun! but when i had ordered i kinda thought that the gx would have more airflow, so when i got it i didnt think i was going to like it! i was honestly kinda regretting my decision to buy. i decided to go ahead and take it to work regardless of my initial thoughts on it and i am so happy i did cause the more i used it the more i liked it! i was SUPER surprised of how well it wicks! i have yet to get a dry hit no matter how i wick it, which is crazy to say cause i have had problems with RTA's before. you do kinda have to build higher then what you normally do cause if you build too low the topcap gets too hot but airflow holes and placement of the coil makes up for it! like i have 2*28(38) fused clapton i built in and i feel lke it works better then tricores and quad cores! better flavor and you need less power so you will need a lot to make it hot! flavor is insane! it like an RDA with out having to drip every 6-7 hits! so im super happy i added him to my collection and i plan on visiting these guys more often!